Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ungaro II

A 1992 Ambery Oriental that is literally the cat's ass. The use of civet in this particular masculine is about as artistically sexy as you will find anywhere in the designer realm.

The 2nd release of the infamous Ungaro triumvirate, Ungaro II is in stark contrast to Ungaro L'Homme released the year before. Even the colors used for both are completely appropriate.

The opening of Ungaro II is a citric blast with spice. Basil and coriander are integrated with bergamot and constitute an excellent accord. The top of the fragrance is memorable and distinct.

The civet only takes moments to assimilate into the progression. It's very sensual and so well implemented that I cannot help using it as a measuring stick when smelling other creations using the note. The neroli is also very well played and adds a hint of  bitter and bite to a borderline sweet texture.

Carnation starts flexing its muscles after 5 minutes or so and begins to ruffle some feathers in an otherwise very smooth accord. The tuning of the floral heart is very commendable and from behind the carnation can be smelled hints of jasmin and pepper. The others add an anonymous "fullness" and they do it well.

In an hour or so, the drydown is realized. I find that Ungaro II has good longevity in its first two accords and enjoy the fact that what I smell the first few minutes lasts a great while on my skin. Once it subsides, a woody amber appears. The civet is still alive and kicking and invites a bit of leather to the party as well.

The extended drydown softens with the addition of vanilla and tonka. This scent is deceiving in the sense that it lasts longer than you think it does. Whether this is attributable to olfactory fatigue or simply morphing into a "close" fragrance after its first hour is an unknown quantity. It really doesn't matter either.

Good is good......and Ungaro II fits that bill perfectly. Big thumbs up from Aromi for the civet-fest from Ungaro.

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