Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jaguar Mark II

This 1995 woody amber is a real pleasant surprise indeed. I have had, worn and gotten rid of Jaguar original. Mind you....the original was good, but not exactly my cup of tea. Mark II retains a shadow of the original and then brings a more refined, yet simpler finished product to the table. very good. The opening is citric with bergamot and orange, with only a hint of the bitterness found in the opening of original Jaguar. Almost immediately, there's an entrance of patchouli and tonka. What's manifested is a warm and slightly bitter citrus with a powdery earthiness. It's a unique accord that smells  like Geisha Noir injected with zesty tangerine.

There's a moderate wood note holding up the bottom. Sandal is listed, but it almost passes for a mahogany of sorts and accented with an ambery musk. As the patchouli fades, the tonka remains apparent alongside the woody musk and ebbing citric accord. This is a strangely attractive masculine off the beaten path and smells like nothing I have owned in the past.

It's sillage is very acceptable and longevity is robust enough for a noticeable 4-5 hour wearing with moderate sprays. This is an eclectic scent and very good addition to someones wardrobe. I can see this working well in all temperatures. Big thumbs up for Jaguar Mark II.

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