Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sabi by Henry Dunay

This 1998 Floral found its way to me courtesy of my good friend and Perfumista MimiGardenia. This is one of many terrific samples I have received from her and I am increasingly impressed with her taste in fragrance.

I have found it to be fun sampling feminine fragrances as of late. Most, whether or not I like them, are unwearable for me. It has assisted me in becoming subjective when sampling....not to mention recognizing groups of notes that aren't commonly found in masculines to the degree they are in parfums.

Enter Sabi by Henry Dunay. This is, without question, a floral dominant scent that leans just a hair green upon application. The opening is a combination of citrus and what has to be galbanum ......followed immediately by iris and tuberose. Within seconds, these four rise above what is to become the slow burn of an entire and well blended array of floral notes. There's a hint of orange, then a wispy powder floating above an anonymous sweet characteristic. The iris and tuberose lead the way and manage to stay afloat this cacophony of flowers. Normally, I can equate sweet with jasmin, but I'm at a loss here...and it really doesn't matter. If it is jasmin, it's in the background and a well played trump card.

As the drydown nears, tonka slowly turns up the powder volume and assimilates nicely with the multi-faceted florals. This powder note is extremely well executed and perfectly augments the entire composition. A subtle and earthy musk note finish off what is a terrific feminine fragrance and a feather in the cap of parfumeur Richard Loniewski. Thumbs up from Aromi and this should be a must try sampler for those who love iris, tuberose and tonka.

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  1. I love the top notes of this, but for some reason it turns harsh on my skin in the drydown; go figure, skin chemistry isn't fair, sometimes!