Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hungary Water by Angela Flanders

  Angela Flanders is an English creator that I am not very familiar with. I recently received a few samples from my friend and co-blogger Sugandaraja. This is the 3rd sample wearing of Hungary Water and I must admit I have liked it from the first time I applied it.

This is very zesty and fresh. The lemon peel and Melissa dominate the opening and it's bracing, but in a way I like. My very first impression of the opening was that it was borderline Creed-ish. The tart and citric top have a gravitas that took me by surprise. I guess I was expecting a more spatial and loose accord, but I was wrong.

This release is uncomplicated in construction with lemon peel, melissa, rosemary, mint and rose. These are the listed notes and you can literally smell them all as the scent unfolds. They transition in an obvious fashion with the peel, melissa and mint barreling out of the bottle. In a moment or two, the rosemary lends a nice spicy aspect to support the mint and keep it in check. This accord lasted about 15 minutes on me before a background rose of the dry kind begins surfacing.

Within 25 to 30 minutes, the rose is dusty and dry and sitting atop the receding opening notes. The rose rendition is quite good and somehow achieves subtlety while remaining obvious. The volume of this note is what I respect most. Whether by design or luck, it's perfectly suited to my taste and has me seriously considering a purchase.

If you happen to enjoy rose creations and especially like ones that start off in a completely different direction, you may want to sample Hungary Water. It's sillage and longevity are moderate and perfect for situations that dictate a polite fragrance that will be noticed. Thumbs up from Aromi for Hungary Water.

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