Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black Cashmere by Karan

Funny how certain fragrances truly polarize opinions. This 2002 release from Karan has certainly accomplished that. The reviews run the gamut.

I have sampled this 4 times now and my first impression without knowing the notes beforehand was saffron and incense, subtle rose and spicy woods. This is, in fact correct, once I looked up the accords and it's a testament to the notes being able to breathe in this fragrance.

I can see why people love this and why it has detractors. The collusion of notes gives me a suede-like vibe, but the driving force for me in Black Cashmere is a spicy incense over woods. The saffron note is intermittent but accounted for and wafts around in the mix. There's clove and nutmeg in this scent and I believe those are responsible for some not liking Cashmere. I like those type of spicy notes depending upon their volume. I also eschew wearing offerings like this in warmer temperatures.

The drydown is a very pleasant spicy wood that has an oriental slant to it. For those who have shown a proclivity for woody incense and spices like some of the Lutens line, you may want to give this a sample stroll. While not for everyone, I like it very much and have found yet another saffron scent that's masculine enough for me to wear. Black Cashmere is assuredly a shared scent that, to me, leans more masculine than anything.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Karan's Black Cashmere.


  1. Black Cashmere was one of the scents that i feel in love before even testing it. For some reason i was obsessed with it, and when i bought and received, it was love at the first sight. I really get that silky, suedish vibe you described on your review, but what i enjoy at it is that is not a silly one, it's a serious silkish aroma that emerges from the combination of incense, spices and a dry rose. I love to wear it on colder days and with my black coat. They match perfectly

  2. Intrigued by your description, and entranced by the sample you sent, this is the first frag with big notes of clove that I really, really, REALLY like. (and I love clove.) The clove/nutmeg in this just add to its depth and as Rick says, "silkish"ness. I can see this becoming a staple scent.