Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Globe by Rochas

Globe was released by Rochas in 1990 and I sampled it yesterday for the very first time. I have been wearing it for an entire day, mainly because as soon as I smelled it, I knew I smelled it before.......somewhere.....or parts of it.....but I couldn't put my finger on it....

Until today that is. I reapplied Globe numerous times and was scratching my head about the fragrance deja vu I was getting. Then it hit me as I looked through my wardrobe cabinet. Moschino ( also a 1990 release) !!! So.....I applied Moschino on my other side and compared. Not identical, but they had heartnote and base similarities due to the use of amber and labdanum that they implemented. Moschino being more spicy and less green in the opening.

I started a thread on basenotes about the comparison. It wasn't long before a member ( Killer_Vavoom) piped in about how he thought it smelled like Carlo Corinto. As soon as I saw that, I knew he nailed it for me. It wasn't just Moschino I was smelling in Globe. It was a Corinto-Moschino hybrid. Globe opens with a Corinto-esque green aura that isn't quite as aromatic as the Corinto and seems to stay around even while the heart and base arrive in their due times.

The opening of Globe is a combo of citric-wormwood and aromatics provided by Coriander, Cumin and green note. It's just right with no harshness or overamplification. The heart accord is an array of greened-out florals compliments of fir,tagetes and thyme that take precedence over the Carnation, Muguet, Rose, Geranium and Jasmin. Usually with these listed floral notes, a floral dominant heart would be in order, but I don't get that in Globe. The green theme persists.

Slowly, notes of wood, musky leather and labdanum find their way in and the extended drydown reveals a soft earthy vibe from patch and vetiver. This fragrance is very good, masculine and overlooked. It turns out to be a leathery chypre with green attributes and has already found its way onto my must-buy list for 2011. Thumbs up for Rochas Globe.

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