Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lanvin L'Homme Sport

Safe and innocuous are terms I throw around periodically when describing a generic scent. There's such a thing as acceptable simplicity.......and that's where I put Lanvin's L'Homme Sport.

The opening is citric and aromatic at once, compliments of the lavender-sage duo in the heart accord. Many times, that same gruesome twosome has blown me to smithereens and ruined a fragrance by making it simply unwearable. It's nicely executed here and maintains that fresh vibe L'Homme Sport is counting on.

Take note that this fragrance, like others called "Sport", is not sporty at all. It's fresh and perpetrates a light nature when, in fact, it's really not that light. It has substance equivalent to taking a power-fougere from the 1980's and implementing a bouyancy to its nature. It quietly projects as well and has that quality enabling  people around you to notice the scent when you, as the wearer,  no longer do. L'Homme Sport is a pleasing fougere of the fresh variety. The moss in the base accord ensures it stays on the path it started on and in extended drydown, you may or may not take note of a subtle musk.

There's a necessary place in a man's wardrobe for scents like this. I picked up a NIB 30ml bottle for $7.00@ the MAXX. It sits among my HTF classics and niche fragrances. Diversity is the name of the game folks....and if a fragrance is just plain good, who cares about the price or that it came from a bargain bin? I sure don't.........and that's why I have a terrific wardrobe. Thumbs up for Lanvin's L'Homme Sport.

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