Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fever Pour Homme by Celine

As soon as I sprayed Fever Pour Homme on my skin, my first thought was yet another pleasant and innocuous masculine has surfaced in my sample pile. As the wearing ensued, my impression was correct. I can safely place this fragrance in the generic zone of fresh woody with a smidgeon of incense.

If you have ever smelled or worn Zara Sandalo, you need not sample Fever Pour Homme. They are much too closely related to warrant a bottle of each, much less sample them both....except if you are interested in comparing how similar they are. I own Sandalo by Zara and the only difference I can detect is that Fever is slightly more woody than the Zara and doesn't possess the slight aquatic vibe.

At any rate, I happen to like the Zara fragrance and do find occasion to wear it from time to time. It's light, airy and very suitable for warmer temps or conditions. Fever PH is no different. This is a very casual and sociable frag. It will fit the bill when you want to wear scent and not be noticed for wearing.......well....scent.

Fever isn't a fragrance that has conventional transitions and it unfolds quickly and then just as quickly lowers the opening volume. Fir and cardamom, sage, incense, rose, sandal, patchouli, musk and vetiver are listed. What is noticeable to me is a subtle fir, incense, a hint of sage and wood that smells like a collaboration of sandal and cedar. In drydown, a very soft musk and what may or may not be vetiver pick up the pieces for what is now a skin scent.

Fever Pour Homme is one of many that seem to adhere to this recipe. While there may be too many of this ilk cluttering the shelves, it's still viable. It smells nice and is polite. It's economical and won't make a fuss or a statement. I have to give Fever Pour Homme a neutral rating with positive attributes. I would have no problem wearing it, but it doesn't move me enough to purchase something so close to what I already own and wear only occasionally.

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  1. I like your blogs very much, I always do. And I am so excited to share this experience with your readers. I just recently tried Women's Perfume from and it was out of this world but this one that you mentioned is next on my list.