Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chene by Serge Lutens

Could this be happening? A Lutens that actually works on me? This is my 4th wearing of Chene because I had to be sure. I have been rather frustrated with this house for quite some time ( with the exception of Borneo ) and I assume the law of averages is working its magic.

Oak baby. Yes.....this is a different type of woody, but very wearable. Granted, it doesn't wear like my other more conventional woodies, but there's nothing conventional about this house. Anytime I sample-wear a Lutens, I normally use the entire vial via multiple wearings. I do this because the first wearing is usually off putting to me and I need to see if I can come around and have a change of mind and heart. One must give a scent a fighting chance if you're going to be fair about it. The initial sampling of Chene left me undecided and rather unimpressed.........however, I was not put off by any means. Oak is a wood note not very prominent in the releases I've tried or purchased. Cedar, Rosewood and Sandalwood are the usual culprits and I find a noticeable difference between those and the oak implemented in Chene.

After I wore this enough to "get it", I must say I like it quite a bit. It reminds me of sticking my head inside an old cabinet that used to contain mild spices and whiskey. There's no real transitions for me during the wearing and Chene seems to be extremely uncomplicated. The volume changes, but the overall scent remains the same and that isn't a bad thing here. Luckyscent lists immortelle along with beeswax in the accords. I don't detect beeswax, but the floral component is there. It's simply in the mix to augment the wood and nothing more.

The only extreme woody I own is Tumulte with its avalanche of cedar. Chene uses oak but is much more refined and better blended. Yes, it's quite a bit more expensive as well, but I am truly intrigued by being surrounded by the aroma of  spicy, boozy oak. I find it more enjoyable that a giant cedar chest.

Finally, a Lutens I can give a Big Thumbs up.

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  1. Thank goodness, another fan, I've been nursing my bottle of Chene for two years, I don't have too many places to wear it, but love it when I do. :)