Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Declaration by Cartier

Hhhhmmm........This is doing for me what Declaration Essence failed to do. I re-read my review of Essence from a few years ago and admit to appreciating it more now than I did when reviewing it. However, I still feel that while it's very good, it's also a bit too serious for most occasions.

Declaration, on the other hand, is a transparent woody that's hard to pigeonhole. Jean Claude Ellena did a wonderful job on this. It has a watery texture, yet it finds a way to be much more than a casual wear. It's light and substantial at once with terrific longevity and perfect projection. I believe he pulled a coup creating this and only now can I fully appreciate this fragrance. It took coming back to this numerous times over the years.

The initial transition is very good. The citrus of bergamot and mandarin with caraway seems to hang in there for an unreal length of time. The mandarin is slightly bitter and better done than the renditions ( of let's say ) the Jaguar series. The heart is a bit spicy, but just a bit and I get a tea note that is evident and a nice addition. There's cardamon and leather listed in the heart and base, yet it comes to fruition differently than one would expect of those 2 notes. If anything, I get a very subtle suede-like aroma from Declaration. Normally, these notes ( to me ) are front and center once the topnotes burn off, but I can only assume Ellena had different ideas on how to utilize the leather in Declaration. I truly like what he has accomplished here and find I am liking this scent more every time I wear it.

The only shortcoming I can detect is the base accord and that is because I am analyzing this fragrance for review instead of wearing it for enjoyment. I use the term "shortcoming" simply because the opening and heart accord trump the base on my skin. That's fine by me since the first 2 accords are money and I'm more than happy for Declaration to remain in the state it was in the first 5 minutes of application.

This is a winner and caused me to purchase it. I expect it to arrive today or tomorrow. The result of this fragrance is a well done woody with citrus and spices woven through the accords. The soft, musky suede implementation is actually excellent and I find there's no improper time to wear this. Big thumbs up from Aromi.


  1. Definitely one of the best mens scent ever. Masterfull work of Ellena!

  2. This is one of the strangest fragrances of recent times. I say this as someone who has experienced the two faces of Declaration. There is one that is a refreshing bitter citrus and another that is a heavy coriander/cumin/caraway spice rack bordering on BO. On me, it is more of the latter. On very dry skin and on paper, I pick up more of the former. Reviews I have read show people in one camp or the other, and those awash in cumin tend to dislike it. So this is definitely one of those fragrances you must sample over some time before buying!