Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eau Fresh by Bogart

Imagine my surprise when I tried this 1993 release from Jacques Bogart. I say surprise because everything I have tried ( or purchased) from this house has been set at volume 10. I wasn't about to let the name itself fool me.

I figured Bogart would okey-doke me into believing this was actually a light scent ( due to the name of course) and then overwhelm me as soon as I applied it. WRONG. Very WRONG. It may not be "light" in the conventional sense, but it has a revitalizing quality to it and sort of reminds me of what Woodland Refreshing Body Spray accomplishes.

Eau Fresh is a Fougere that maintains frivolity yet has enough substance to be taken seriously. I actually love the way it smells on my skin. I have quite a few classic fougere's that don't wear this well. Eau Fresh opens with a citric fruit that leans green from galbanum and implements a licorice quality from anise and tarragon. They seem to be well blended because I get a very harmonious accord with a polite volume.

There's also a woody indercurrent that supercedes the floral heart. Between the top and base, I cannot say I get a defined heart accord. The fact is that I don't. With that said, the blurred florals do not take away from the overall scent. Moss starts creeping upwards with a dash of spice and a perceptible earthiness. Somehow Eau Fresh manages to avoid taking on any dirty qualities and radiates a green aroma thanks to the galbanum and pine.

This is an uncomplicated fragrance regardless of the numerous listed notes and what's important is that it smells masculine, fresh and very good. The sillage is polite and a few notches above a skin scent. The volume and longevity are pretty respectable as I get about 3 hours from a few sprays. That's not bad when you look at the price point and how this smells.

After sample wearing this more than a few times, it's safe to say a bottle of Bogart's Eau Fresh will find its way into my drobe. Thumbs up from Aromi.

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