Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, August 5, 2011

Alien Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler

Allow me to start by saying that I'm not exactly a fan of the original Alien release and the only Mugler I own is B*Men. Yes....I'm a patch fan and I picked up a few bottles very cheap a few years ago in TJMAXX. I have enjoyed other Mugler  releases, but I guess just not enough to go through the expense of adding them to my wardrobe. At least so far........

Enter Alien Liqueur de Parfum. I fully expected to hate this, but I do put some effort in keeping an open mind and wear them multiple times for fairness sake. My first sampling of Liqueur resulted in thinking it was different than the EDT and more wearable. It wasn't until the drydown hours and hours later that I kept smelling this awesome aroma long after I stopped thinking about what I had sampled.

This fragrance, my friends, has otherworldly longevity and can be easily detected the next day on skin. It reacts like an extrait on me with minimal transition. The depth however is immediately apparent. The best I can describe Alien Liqueur is a deep, resinous jasmin that eventually evolves into a delectable woody jasmin that has me constantly sniffing after it has dried down. It takes about 5 hours for this to tone down into one terrific fragrance on my skin. Before this, it is leans a little too feminine for me to wear, but it still smells great and the drydown makes it worth the wait. It remains a deep scent through its entirety and the hint of resin at the end is the perfect touch.

Whether by design or luck, this is heads and shoulders better than the original release. Once the jasmin lowers its volume, there's a resinous woody labdanum conglomeration that makes someone want to get up close to you. This is damn good folks and both genders interested in this house should sample wear this version of Alien.

I will get a bottle of this for Mrs. Aromi just so I can smell it. Hell, when she isn't around, I'll wear a few spritzes and wait for that fabulous drydown. Thumbs up.....way up......for Alien Liqueur de Parfum.


  1. Aromi, I say this an an Angel hater, but I do like Alien - intergalactic jasmine sillage and all! So I only became further intrigued when you happened to mention 'resinous', as in 'labdanum', one of my most favorite notes in perfume. Therefore, when you say this is even better than the original, it sounds like something I absolutely must try - yesterday if I can!

    And really...look at that bottle! Beautifully strange or strangely beautiful, like jewelry from another galaxy...

  2. Hi taleisio. Send me a pm on basenotes so I can pass on the sample to you. There's plenty left in it.

  3. Hate Angel. Alien is a whole other story. I tried the Liqueur as well when it was released and found it amazing. Not sure why I haven't tried it since, must go back as I've forgotten it...and have become a jasmine fiend!