Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, September 16, 2011

Boss Elements

I can't say I'm a big Hugo Boss fan, but to be fair, I haven't sampled enough of this house to really decide one way or another. I can say I'm opened minded and decided to review a few offerings that have recently found their way into my clutches.

I am aware of a snobbery that exists against Boss fragrances in general. That aside, it's simply best to judge each frag on its own merits or shortcomings. Boss Elements seems to have some fans and as I sample it, I can see why some like it. It wears casual, a bit innocuous and perhaps generic, but it's pleasant enough.

Not everything needs to be groundbreaking or is supposed to be. Boss Elements certainly isn't incendiary, but it's an easy wear and would be appropriate for basically any occasion. There's nothing polarizing here to offend unless you have an aversion to musk. It has good sillage and the longevity is commendable.

The first thing I notice upon application is the musk note. In spite of being in the base accord, it's present from the very beginning and I have to say that musk never goes unnoticed by me. I seem to have antenna for this note. It's a nice musk rendition here and as the wearing goes on, I seem to like it better. Boss Elements is a Fougere from 1993 that could easily be a current release by its overall smell. I will say that it's better made than the current schlock I've inhaled as of late, but I will add that you need to go a bit easy on the trigger with this one.

The opening is a well blended citric lavender accord with musk. There's a subtle spiciness from coriander in this as well and you can smell it within minutes. Other spice notes contribute to this as well, but none of them are loud and seem deliberately submissive. The floral accord in the heart is very blurred and almost unrecognizable to me other than a wispy jasmine note. It could simply be me not able to pick out any other players, but that's all I get from the heart.

The drydown is comfortable. Naturally, the volume and projection lower themselves and reveal a woody amber underneath the ever-present musk. All in all, this is a nice masculine that I never hear mentioned. I have to give a thumbs up for Boss Elements for its throw, longevity and comfort factor. This juice is pretty good for when you want to relax and wear a scent that's uncomplicated, but noticeable.

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