Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tocade by Rochas (vintage formula)

Poor Mrs. Aromi. She has been repeatedly subjected to every scent known to man ( good, bad and ugly ) and has been a good sport about it all. Hell, she doesn't even wear fragrance except for ( night ).... and that consists of one half spray or dab of whatever she feels appropriate for the moment.

This one however had her literally running to the sink to wash off within 10 seconds flat. It caused her outward pain ( as I laughed my ass off ), but there was no mistaking her hating this one. Oh well........

As for me, I feel differently about Tocade. It's ambery and pretty strong mind you, but it has merit. It roars out of the bottle with a deluge of slightly bitter florals mingled with citrus. The green note really inserts some contrast and I can see where some may find this a bit off-putting.

Geranium, Freesia, Violet, Jasmine, Rose and Muguet are some pretty strong players and they strut their stuff in Tocade. This isn't for wallflowers, that's for sure. However, deft application will bring about some good results as I have tinkered with this generous atomizer sent to me by..........yes, you guessed it......AnthonyDG !!!.

The base is a light layer of van-amber with a bit of wood. I can't say I get much patchouli in this rendition as the floral accord seems to have absorbed it. There's a musk that appears in the drydown tempering the overall scent and the extended drydown is a concerted effort from the still going florals and ambery musk. This ( to me ) is a straight up feminine fragrance and I cannot see many men pulling this one off.....or wanting to.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Tocade.
Thumbs down with a grimace from Mrs. Aromi.


  1. Enjoyed this review very much! Even if Mrs. Aromi........ hahahahahaha!

    Vive la difference! ;-)

  2. Mrs. Aromi is presently undergoing fragrance rehab in Kensington, North Philly. The Tocade psychologically damaged her worse than I thought.

    I got scared when she started cursing Rochas in a language she herself doesn't even speak.

  3. Fun review! Tocade is a gorgeous snuggly scent- I found I enjoyed it much more in warmer weather. I also think a man could wear this easily. Leave it to Roucel to make a big unapologetic musky rose. I'm curious to try Tocadilly, the lilac sister to Tocade...