Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Antonia's Flowers Floret EDP

Strong, perfumey and vibrant. This is my reaction to wearing Floret Eau de Parfum by Antonia's Flowers. Very feminine and men need to stay away from this one with the exception of getting close to someone wearing it.

This is my 2nd sample wearing from this house and Antonia's Flowers ( so far ) is batting a thousand. I will say that Floret EDP needs a deft application since it has the potential to fill a room. Normally, when I sample something with feminine power, it can sometimes be too retro smelling for my tastes. Floret however avoids this and is simply a strong but clear bouquet.

Antonia's site has the listed notes as : Living sweet pea, Lily of the valley, Marigold, Apricot, Rose and Tuberose.

Within minutes of applying Floret, Muguet is wafting everywhere. It's strong and very uplifting. Marigold provides an slight bitterness that offsets the oncoming fruit accord. After a few more minutes, the Tuberose arrives and never leaves. Tuberose has a way of doing that. It's a pushy note, but it is executed very well in Floret. In 20 minutes time, the scent as a whole, has settled down in volume and tenacity.

The totality of Floret is an enjoyable wearing of Muguet, a hint of Fruit and Marigold over a nice rendition of Tuberose. This is a very noticeable scent, but it remains clean throughout and never leaves the feminine arena. So far, I am impressed with this house and no doubt have a thumbs up ready for Floret EDP by Antonia's Flowers.

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