Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pure Oud by Kilian

How do I stay impartial by a fragrance that costs $8 per ml.? Truth is I cannot. Sample wearing Pure Oud, plus knowing it's extravagant price tag, causes the human factor to engage. I expect quite a bit from a scent in this range.

I recently reviewed the Oud from Mona di Orio that costs $5 plus per ml, but it was so damn good that money was an afterthought. It's not often you run into a frag like that and I was hoping Pure Oud by Kilian could match or even surpass its competitor.

This was not to be. I had 2 wearings of Pure Oud and do not need anymore. In all honesty, even if this particular release cost $1 per ml., I would have the same opinion of it. Its actual price causes me to be a bit miffed, but has nothing to do with the aroma and wearing.

LS lists the notes as : Saffron, Oud oil, Cypriol, Gaiac wood, Copahu balm, Ciste and Myrrh.

Upon applying Pure Oud, I get a warm rubber note and some woody characteristics. It has some earthiness to it, but for the most part, the wood notes are undefined. It stayed this way until I thought that it should reveal some oriental attributes from the Copahu and Ciste. For the life of me it never transitioned into anything but the mild, rubbery wood. Much later in its anti-development, a very subtle myrrh like note unravels and this is what transpired on my skin not once.....but twice.

Is Pure Oud good? I say it's a mediocre release at best. Now, there's nothing wrong with mediocrity in and of itself, except if it costs what this does. Definitely a try-b-4-u-buy.

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