Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bond No.9 Wall Street

Wall Street? Really? A Boardroom type masculine would be more name-appropriate, but then again, this is New York we're tawkin about.

At any rate, the boardroom is the last thing Wall Street resembles. If I had just eaten a vegetarian meal ( sans the onions ) and was walking along a pier on the waterfront with a slight breeze blowing, this scent would be coordinated with my environment.

Bond No.9 has the notes listed as : Sea kale, Cucumber, Lavender, Ambergris and Vetiver.

Wall Street is part Ozonic, Aquatic and Vegetarian. The cucumber note isn't what I would call an accurate rendition, but it does embody a juicy, watery aspect. The "Sea Kale" is Lord knows what and that too doesn't really matter. It does have somewhat of a marine aroma. I can't claim that this fragrance has a "fishy" smell like some claim, but there is periodic hints of it during the wearings.

I honestly don't know what the concept was when they developed this or if they even had one. It doesn't smell terrible but it also doesn't smell like anything I'd want to wear on my body. The upside is that, if you happen to like this scent, it has very good sillage and longevity.

The listed ambergris ( which I normally love ) and vetiver can't bring this baby home for me. I simply do not like this and can only recommend a sample wear before purchase. Neutral rating from Aromi for Bond No.9's Wall Street.

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