Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 15, 2011

L'Homme de Coeur by Parfums Divine

I had to wear this a few times in order to get it. The opening kept throwing me off as to what exactly I was smelling. I wore it the first time without analyzing it, then subsequent wearings forced me to concentrate.

The opening of L'Homme de Coeur is slightly alcoholic with some herbal-woody tones to it. It's not herbaceous in the conventional sense, but it's there alongside the wood. Only a moment or two later, a musk integrates itself into the accord and this is what was causing me to focus. It wasn't until 5 minutes into the wearing that it dawned on me that angelica was the reason for not only the herbal tone but the musk.

I cannot say that this rendition of Angelica is a very good one. I use Fendi Uomo as my measuring stick, which may or may not be fair, but that's life. The implementation in L'Homme is fair at best. The problem I have with this fragrance ( overall )  is that I get minimal projection, fullness or longevity out of it. With EDP's, I expect 2 out of those 3 at least. It's simply not to be on my skin.

The iris in the heart is pleasant, yet once again, it misses the mark and the combination of notes lean more toward generic designer tha niche EDP. Even the earthy tones cannot salvage this for me. I take no pleasure in expressing my disappointment with this ( or any other ) fragrance, but I normally enjoy vetiver, juniper berry and cypress in any fashion. I don't dislike L'Homme, but I expected a bit more and can't muster any love. It gives me the "meh" response. Too bad......

Nuetral rating from Aromi for Parfums Divine 's L'Homme de Coeur.

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