Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naiviris by Huitieme Art

African red iris and Zebrano wood.

Lipstick. My first and also lasting impression of Huitieme Art's Naiviris. Hmmmm..........

There's a few other aromas detectable in Naiviris other than the 2 listed notes, but it stays fairly true to the iris and wood theme. The opening on me is a dry iris note sans any powder that does possess a woody undercurrent. The wood is most noticeable if I smell close to where I applied it.

The rouge aspect is most assuredly giving me the lipstick comparison. It doesn't smell bad, but it's not something I honestly desire to smell like. I don't believe I have ever smelled Zebrawood before. The wood component in Naiviris is similar to a dense, hardwood that's not aromatic.

By the time a heart accord would normally appear, there's a leathery quality manifesting that is somewhat better than the wood. Neither is strong or extroverted, but this aspect is nice and offsets the banality I'm experiencing wearing Naiviris.

I want to like this offering as I like the concept, but I've been underwhelmed more than once now with Huitieme Art. That will not deter me from sampling the rest of the line, but without further exploring Naiviris, I can honestly say that it doesn't do enough for me.

Sillage is satisfactory and longevity is rather good. Totality is a dry, reddish iris with lipstick attributes along with intermittent wood and leathery notes. A neutral rating from Aromi for Naiviris and a sample wear is definitely recommended.

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