Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's

Citrus, Lavender.
Aromatic Spices, Pine Resin.
Wood Notes, Musk.

Blenheim Bouquet wears like a gentleman's scent and its construction is similar to colognes I've had in the past. Naturally, anyone of any age can wear whatever they choose, but this particular masculine seems better suited for a more mature audience.

Old School but in a good way, Blenheim Bouquet transports me back in time from the initial application. Think Kolnisch Wasser 4711 and you'll get the general idea. They're not the same, but the feel is related . The first few minutes is an experience of citric lavender done right. I only wish it lasted longer. Longevity is a factor for me through the life of the scent.

The citric accord is very nice and smells like a combination of lemon and lime. Combined with lavender, an extremely classic aroma is realized. The opening is aromatic, but not overtly so. It begins to subside much too quickly and evolves into a close scent within 5 minutes.

The pine and musk are tuned for close wearing. They're noticeable, but it's the projection I'm referring to. I will say the pine is extremely likable if you happen to be a fan of the note. It's implemented in a superior fashion and doesn't exhibit any caustic properties whatsoever. It's smooth, deep and polite in volume.

Blenheim Bouquet is an EDT that wears like a cologne on my skin. The price point of $1.2 per ml. is a bit of a tough sell for me since I have some very economical fragrances that are similar and don't cost anywhere near as much.

That aside, this is  a very easy wear and smells crisp. Blenheim Bouquet would perform fabulously in close quarters and retains a masculine theme through all its stages. The totality is lucid and fresh. From beginning to finish, it has breathing room and the rendition of clean woods is a nice touch.

My wearings were enjoyable and I assuredly liked what I smelled. On the other hand, because of price and presence, I would opt for cheaper alternatives because I know they are out there. Sillage is moderate and longevity is about 3 hours on me. I get a bit longer as a literal skin scent, so I must give Blenheim Bouquet a positive neutral rating due to these attributes. A sample wear is definitely recommended.

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