Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fleur de Louis by Arquiste

Orange Blossom, Orris, Jasmine, Cedarwood.

It seems that certain renditions of a particular note  develop on my skin emulating a rubber aspect. It also may have that latex aroma I'm not exactly fond of. It appears to be one of my quirks, but I simply chalk it up to how a scent is tuned and call it good.

Fleur de Louis is actually a pleasant enough  floral with not much wood or anything else. It doesn't work as well on me as I assume it would on others. Still, it's good in its own way because I believe this would work nicely on the feminine persuasion who desire a scent that doesn't attract much attention..

I like Orange Blossom in almost everything I've smelled it in, but I can't say I experience it in Fleur de Louis. It's tuned too low for me to realize it and most of the fragrance is floral and earth on my skin.

It takes Jasmine quite awhile to creep into the accord, but it too is very subtle and a dry, earthy floral note dominates the first 30 minutes. During this time, the rubber quality persists and I would have  truly enjoyed a more noticeable contribution from Jasmine. It's not to be however and the linearity of Fleur de Louis marches on.

Mrs. Aromi likes it though and agrees with me that there is the suggestion of rubber and earth. She also thinks that Fleur de Louis is a feminine and I concur. Perhaps if this fragrance was more complex and didn't have one particular note tuned with so much presence, I might consider wearing it. As it stands, I recognize that it's a nice scent, but I'm unmoved by it.

Once Fleur de Louis moves into extended drydown, I notice a leathery quality emerging and this is probably the one stage I enjoy. The totality is still floral with earth tones, but the addition of another development was sorely needed in my opinion.

The price point is another consideration here. At $165 for a 1.85 ounce bottle, this is a rather expensive parfum and I really don't think it warrants the asking price. Others may disagree and that's fine.

Sillage is average on my skin and longevity is approximately 5 hours, with half of that being relegated to a personal space scent. This fragrance gives me the impression of a professional woman who means business, yet isn't afraid to be feminine.

Neutral rating from Aromi due to linearity and price point. A sample wear is definitely recommended.


  1. So far I'm not feeling a lot of love for the Arquiste line. They have great marketing and press, but so far my thoughts on the Arquiste fragrances that I have tested, L'Etrog and Anima Dulcis have been lukewarm. And your review just adds to that feeling.

  2. I guess I expected more as well. That's what marketing and price will sometimes do to entice us. I was going to get samples of those you mentioned, but after hearing your lukewarm opinion, I may opt for another line.

    Thanks for your comment ! You may have saved me time and money.