Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, September 28, 2012

Caswell Massey Number 6 Cologne Water

Bergamot, Orange, Rosemary, Daffodil.

If you don't have a predilection for "colognes" due to their construction and aroma, then Number 6 ( and this house in general ) probably isn't going to float your boat. However, if you do, then you have probably tried this in the past or possibly own a bottle as we speak.

Most "colognes" don't make it into my wardrobe. It's more preference than snobbery, but I try all that I come across regardless. The majority of them I eschew, yet some seem to transcend my bias and provide me with unexpected enjoyment. Number 6 falls into the area I consider "fragrance purgatory" since it possesses qualities I like and ones I shun. Number 6 may not be a future purchase, but it still is a very viable scent.

As expected, Number 6 is all about citrus served up in a classic fashion. It smells like cologne and truly is something I'd associate with my father wearing when I was a child. However, it is done extremely well and there lies the difference.

Many old school fragrances of this genre have never made a resurgence and rightly so. They were time appropriate, but mediocre at best. Number 6 is better than that and seems fitting for a gentleman to wear.

I do like this overall, but not enough to consider owning it. It's simply not my style, but I'm quite sure it would suit others perfectly. It all boils down to taste. Number 6 is simplistic and comfortable. It may not be the most realistic representation of citrus with spice, but it's good enough. Sillage is moderate as expected and longevity is approximately 3 hours on my skin. A positive-neutral rating from Aromi for Caswell Massey's Number 6.

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