Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Puig's Sybaris

A herbaceous 1988 leather chypre of the finest kind. Never rude or pushy, this fragrance possesses a classic feel and was constructed to encompass the wearer with lush tones of spice, herbs and leathery wood.

Looking at the bottle and box would give you the aesthetic impression that Sybaris is a herbal fragrance. You would be correct in that assumption. Once applied to skin, Sybaris reveals a denseness that I normally don't associate with herbaceous scents. This isn't a green scent that I would recommend in warm or hot temperatures.

The citrus in the opening is downplayed for the benefit of the spicy green accord that never exits the building. There's cumin here, but I have to admit that it's well executed. As long as I've been wearing Sybaris, it's never
developed anything resembling fecal. The cumin note is readily apparent and it's this that sets Sybaris apart from the majority of herbal masculines.

The spices, while not loud or rude, seem to take on more clarity than the florals. There's a floral heart at work in Sybaris, but it's a muddled affair and shows deference to the spicy, herbal theme. They are a bit better than being "filler" material, but in essence, that's all they accomplish on me. That statement isn't a complaint. Sybaris never sheds its compacted feel and I'm sure the floral accord is responsible for that.

Artemesia , Green notes and basil propel Sybaris into the herbal zone and keep it there. The cumin adds a slightly grating contrast, but it works well. This accord lasts quite some time before backing off enough to permit some leathery wood and earthy tones to be realized.

If there were any off putting moments in the opening, they are dissipated come drydown. I say that because cumin is a deal breaker for some folks and because of it, Sybaris needs to be sampled before purchase.

The drydown retains the green theme, but it's a very smooth affair by this time. Sybaris develops a balsamic aroma over the course of the wearing and it's perfectly suited. It never gets too ambery, earthy or leathery, yet exhibits all these attributes intermittently.

Sillage is very good and longevity is what you'd expect from a release circa 1988. The drydown is a close scent that lasts for hours and I can still smell it the next day. Thumbs up from Aromi for Puig's Sybaris.

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