Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What the hell is going on with current masculine releases?

I try very hard to avoid "classic" snobbery. I sample as many new releases as local sales associates will allow ( without becoming a nuisance of course) and I am left bewildered at the one-size-fits-all mentality of most fragrances.

Is there a conspiracy between houses that they all use a common accord that permeates everything I smell nowadays? It's slightly beyond the aquatic commonality, but it seems prevalent in most scents I've sampled after the heartnotes kick in. They may have different openings, but after 5 minutes I'm left wondering if they're all siblings. Yes....maybe a conspiracy is in the making and they are all in bed together laughing enroute to the bank.

I, for one, am not amused or happy at the current state of fragrance affairs. The new regs aren't helping matters either. Coming home to don my classic masculines after sampling new fragrances is a bittersweet experience. It's tangible evidence of lackluster and unimaginative creations blanketing the mall counters. I am happy to have what I have, yet the comparisons leave me sad. Yes......sad is just what the new juice is.


  1. Hi Aromi and Redneck .

    This is an excellent perfume blog ! I really enjoyed what I have read and I was very amused by the moose poop post too !
    Good job ! :)

    All the best

    Melloney aka Mysticknot

  2. Hey Melloney! Great to see you over here. Thanks for stopping in. Aromi and I are having quite a bit of fun, actually. Hope to put a few more things on here soon myself, and Aromi has really been getting the reviews on here.

    Make sure to check the recent rhyme - your Basenotes perfume brief is embedded in there, joined with Ruggles' melancholic leather and Aerandir's Silk Heal brief. That was one of my favorite images in the whole thing. I loved the way that our fragrant visions worked together so nicely in some cases.

    And moose poop - that was fun, and surprisingly educational.

    Do you have a fragrance blog of your own? Or have you considered joining one? Just curious. I just HAPPEN to know of one which is looking for a reviewer of classic feminines.... ;-)

  3. Hi Melloney ! Thanks so much for stopping by...and yes...the Moose Poop has been the blog highlight so

    I know most blogs are "Fragrance Industry" dedicated, but this one is a simple review blog with, of course, the highly imaginative musings of Redneck the Lumbermaster. The man could write 4 chapters on the proper technique of nose blowing and still have material left over from edits. lol.

    I second what Redneck alluded to pertaining to feminine opinions and reviews. You know how to get in touch. Thanks again Melloney and hope to talk to you soon.