Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, May 29, 2010

TJMAXX........Some gems among the rubble

          I think most fragrance enthusiasts have, at some point, traversed through TJ and Marshalls and scoured for long lost favorites or simply good bargains. I know I have and still do.

          A perennial favorite of mine that is usually on the shelves is Giorgio Beverly Hills PH. As much as some do not like Bijan for Men because of its spicy patch and sillage, I enjoy it. It works well in cool climate as does Giorgio. Each one can be had for peanuts, contain quality "old technology" ingredients and if applied correctly, can be worn in any season. There will be a day coming....and probably soon....that masculines with "substance" like these 2 will be HTF and command more attention and respect than they get today.

          Recently, I have had the good fortune of snagging up LaCoste original, Both Halstons for Men, Deauville PH and some other goodies at the Maxx for next to nothing. That same day, after leaving the Maxx, I decided to stop in the neighborhood thrift store. Lo and behold, inside the glass counter at the front of the store is a bottle of Bond 9 just sitting there with no box or top. I made a beeline to the counter and crouched down to see which Bond it was. "Bleecker Street" EDP 100ml. "Hhhhmmmm" I murmured.

         "Would you like to see anything in the counter Sir"? "Ah...yes...I would dear. May I see that bottle of perfume without the top "?. As she got it for me, I was certain it would be near empty or completely depleted...and if not, potentially "turned" due to bad upkeep. Instead, I was a handed a bottle 99% full. "Hhhhhmmmm"....I turned the bottle upside down to see the price tag they placed on it. $3.99 glared back at me. I almost laughed out loud.....BUT.......what if the juice has gone bad due to some insane former owner keeping it on top of his oven or an evil equivalent. ( Hey....this is Montana....and not a bastion of things fragrant).

           "May I try a spray or two of this"? "Of course you can sir". I spritzed twice and looked at the bottle. The counter girl was watching me. I waited about 15 seconds to sniff potential disappointment or victory. Ah yes.........the sweet smell of finding an expensive fragrance for dirt cheap that is in absolute PERFECT accord condition is a sweet thing indeed. I curtailed the urge to haggle and bring the price down even more and simply said "SOLD" !!! Well.....I may have said it louder than that.....but you get the idea.

           At any rate, I am happy to have the TJ Maxx's, Marshall's and Thrift Store used bottles at our disposal. There are some pretty good frags out there being sold for a song right now. Next year or farther along, you'll be paying alot more than a song for most of these. It may be a good idea to stockpile a few for future use NOW while they are readily available and economical. Who knows, you may not see them again until Ebay has them for 300% markup.

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