Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calvin Klein's Contradiction for Men

I cannot say I'm a fan of CK scents, although I admit that I haven't tried a large number of them. I don't dislike them as much as I find them truly unremarkable as a whole. I have liked a few, but so far, only a few.

CK released Contradiction for Men in 1998. This spicy oriental gets mixed reviews....however....I can add this to my "like" list of CK frags. It's the dominant coriander in this that convinced me. It's reminiscent of the opening accord in Chanel PM Concentree....and.....I like PMC.

Contradiction opens with a spicy citrus and within seconds, the coriander teams up with a hint of gingery green. It's borderline gritty, but well done. This accord has some hang time as well and only gives way to the heart after some time has lapsed.

Geranium in the mid accord seems to lend longevity to the opening and adds a very subtle wood to the mix by way of listed rosewood. Normally, I can detect rosewood very clearly, but in Contradiction, I can only admit to a woody note augmenting the floral heart. The jasmin and carnation are very passive and not the easiest to discover in this accord.

The drydown is a noticeable transition, albeit on a lower volume than the initial 2 phases. It's a van-amber with subtle earthy-leathery tones mixed in. It's a soft, even-keeled accord, yet it may be Contradiction's finest moments. It is a pleasant, overall masculine that breaks no new ground or shocks the senses with innovative boldness. It's just a decent scent for a good price that will work in all seasons.

Sometimes ordinary and pleasant equate worthiness. I guess that's why there's a bottle of Contradiction in my rotation.

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