Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Padparadscha by Satellite

For a year or so, I had been wanting to sample this scent from looking at it on Luckyscent's site. I thought the truncated accord would be interesting; especially since I like all the listed notes.

Upon application, I was greeted with a spicy orange note and black pepper. No sooner I am pondering this opening, a dry, dusty cedar emerges and dominates the accord. After 2 minutes, I have a peppery cedar with a very wispy and fading orange note.

There aren't many other notes listed, but I was keen on their introduction. Amber, musk and sandal would've made for an interesting transition....especially since the dry top accord could have used an infusion of a sweetened resin with a dash of musk. The sandal too would have been nice and could have given an assist. This was not to be however. I never noticed anything but the peppery cedar and that is exactly how this linear fragrance remained throughout its life.

Padparadscha is marketed as an EDP, yet I have stronger EDT's in my arsenal. There are better designer scents that are cedar dominant than this offering.....and at .80 per ml., I would be remiss not to say a sample wearing is in order before a blind buy. Everything aside, this isn't a terrible scent by any means, but what I expected from it is a huge disappointment. I'll pass on Padparadscha.

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