Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sheherazade EDT by Jean Desprez

I have picked up 2 bottles of Sheherazade in the last 2 years. One vintage splash and the other the exact bottle in this image. Initially, I purchased them to stockpile, but as always, I ask my better half if she likes it. She does, but unlike me, she hardly ever wears scent. In the healthcare field, that has become an unbreakable habit for her. However.......when her and I have a "date"....."sans parfum" is thrown out the proverbial window.

She doesn't wear Sheherazade, but not because it isn't good. It's actually a well constructed chypre that gets no love in my house. I cannot pull it off due to its leaning far too feminine. I will periodically blur the lines when the mood strikes, but I can't wear this.....unless, of course, I took up cross dressing.....and THAT would really upset my softball team. To them, it's bad enough I wear powerhouse fragrances to games in the hot weather. It would also piss off Mrs. Aromi....and that is even more detrimental to Mr. Aromi...........

Anyway........I have been meaning to review Sheherazade for quite some time and am finally getting around to it. It seems that all these fragrances constructed decades ago need a light touch when applying them. Strong is a common theme, but you know what? I'd much rather have "strong" and regulate it by application than an anemic composition that has no oomph or longevity. Who the hell wants to spray until carpal tunnel sets in? Besides, perfumes like this give you alot of bang for the buck.

The opening of Sheherazade on me is the top two accords at once. A sparkling citric woody blended with jasmin, rose and a dash of spice. The carnation and orris provide the bite here, but it's a friendly nip that enhances the accord. The jasmin-rose tandem isn't in your face, but they are prominent enough to notice. There's a subtle powder clawing its way upwards and when it arrives, it stays polite. I'm happy it doesn't usurp the composition and it leaves room for vanilla and sandal to calmly enter the arena for a pleasant drydown. All in all, a nice creation from yesteryear when worn modestly and certainly overlooked.

Suffice it to say that if Aromi was a transvestite softball player and had a wife that wouldn't forfeit his very life for wearing her clothes, I would definitely wear Sheherazade. My muscle bound ass would still look horrific in spaghetti straps and spandex, but I sure would smell great.


  1. Sheherazade sounds divine! How do you find these beauties? Your wife is so lucky that you search out these lovelies for her. And I agree...I'd rather regulate a BIG scent vs go through bottles of a wan thin perfume trying to smell it on myself....I'm off to search for this one.

  2. Oh I agree! A strong scent that can be applied lightly is soo much better than and watery anemic little perfume. There seem to be more of those these day. I'll have to try Sheherazade if I get the chance. I like Bal a Versailles, but I find it my skankiest perfume, so I apply sparingly. But it's a nice skank.

    You and your wife are the mirror image of my husband and I. He doesn't wear perfumes and tolerates my hobby, but prefers the more feminine perfumes I wear to the masculine ones.