Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bois d'encens by Armani

From Armani's Prive comes Bois d'encens. It's expensive, it's niche......and it just doesn't work on me overall. By no means a bad scent, Bois d'encens is about incense, but it's the opening accord that's the deal beaker for me.

This starts out with a conglomeration I can only describe as a citric incense. It doesn't last long and I don't believe citrus is utilized here, but that's what assails my nose. Within moments, the incense makes its presence felt. It's a flat rendition and seemingly evokes a gray colour to my minds eye. does improve after about 10 minutes and I'll explain.....

There's a combination of wood and dominant frankincense that, once the settling down has occurred, truly gives the wearer a remarkable rendition of incense (with the ashes) that you would smell in church. I can say this with certainty since I was an altar boy as a lad. I recall that smell and this version literally has ash and a flat cedar note to go with it. Now, with that said, that's all I get from Bois d'encens. It has no movement other than the opening transition.....and that lasts only minutes...thankfully.

This high end Armani does not justify the price even close. It does offer the realistic mass incense note, but that's doesn't cut it for me. I need a bit more from an incense frag........especially one that costs as much as this one does. I have to give a neutral rating for Bois d'encens simply for its frankincense rendition and unless someone were to give me a bottle or decant, it won't find its way into my arsenal.


  1. You won't believe, but the predominant note at the opening of bois d'encens is black pepper. A friend that also loves fragrances gave me some black pepper oil, and pure it has that salty with a soft animalic side that blends perfect with the incense at bois d'encens, creating a kind of gothic aura. I like it, and if you pay attention at ebay, you can find bottles of the refill for fair prices sometimes.

  2. Hey, Rick - is that you? Bem vindos! (I think that's right :-)

    I love this fragrance, but I agree I paid way too much. It was a really illogical purchase, but I was so in love with the opening, I just made an impulse buy. I will watch for the cheap refills. I think I read that there is a packaging change coming - maybe the old ones will show up at discount.

    I agree - the beginning note strikes my nose as black pepper, too. I'm already a pepper maniac, but I'm really going for peppery fragrances of all kinds now. Bang is my current love, but I'm going to wear this one today. Better use it - I spent too much on it already!