Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Bertrand Duchaufour is the man behind this extremely, well constructed scent. The thrust of Jubilation is spearheaded by incense. While always present in the accords, the drydown is where you know that this note was the focus and all roads led to it.

I have read reviewers complaining that it exhibits too much of a fruit accord. Surely, I find that to be an exaggeration. Orange and blackberry are present, but with very supporting roles. Jubilation XXV is one of those fragrances that is well blended to the point of making note detection a bit difficult.

Labdanum and incense are in the opening with an assist from coriander. This rendition is smooth folks. It goes on my skin like a velvet incense with subtle....( and I mean subtle) nods to the fruit notes. What amazes me about Jubilation XXV is its ability to utilize rose, cinnamon, honey and immortelle in such a fashion that they work as a team, a unit, with no one ego centric note stealing the spotlight. That is admirable considering most other implementations I have come across cannot pull that off.

Gaiac, Cedar and Oud supply the woodiness and a celery-clove duo are the appropriate embellishments that provide a masculinity and necessary bite from the heartnotes onward. Patchouli, myrrh, opoponax, moss, musk and ambergris are also in the mix and lend Jubilation an aloof but earthy sexiness. This is a stately fragrance and the best I have smelled from the house of Amouage so far. The incense note floats above the composition the entire life of the scent and I find it so well done that those indifferent to this particular note may just change their minds.

The price is extravagant as you would expect. After sample wearing this 4 times before writing this, I actually went to my 2011 bottle purchase list and reorganized it to include Jubilation XXV. It forced me to streamline my niche "must-buys" for this coming year, but building up my drobe is about quality versus quantity. Sometime next year, a 100ml bottle of this will be sitting in my cabinet. I know good when I smell it......and Bertrand is pretty good at delivering it. Big thumbs up from Aromi for Amouage's Jubilation XXV.


  1. I hope you get that bottle, it is gorgeous .I love the body butter too ,it's just right to wear in bed without being overwhelming.

  2. Hi Angela ! I'll make sure I put away the $$$ for it by early summer. I have 2 bottles of Or Black enroute and the next purchase is Derby.

    Jubilation will be the purchase after Derby. I liked it more every wearing and find it just short of opulent. It will be a go-to frag for sure !! I will have to check into the body butter. It sounds interesting.......

  3. It seems that i'm not helping you at your 2011 list Aromi hihihihi Jubilation XXV is one of my favorite Amouage fragrances, and if Jubilation XXV and Dzonghka were the same person, i'd say that Jubilation XXV is Dzonghka living a luxe life after spenting some time at a buddhist temple meditating.
    I think that Jubilation XXV doesn't exist in body butter - the woman's version, Jubilation 25, may exist this way. It's rare to see this kind of product for us man :(