Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Passion Mediterrannee Beach by Pascal Morabito

I received a sample of this from Morabito as a freebie with my order of Or Black. Ordering from France is a little time consuming and costly, but 2 weeks isn't so bad and the package arrived in terrific condition.

3 samples were included. Beach, With Love and Yachting. They are the Passion Mediterrannee trio on his website. I'm usually satisfied if the rendition of sandalwood  used is a good one and was looking forward to trying Beach. Basenotes has this fragrance being released in 2001 and naturally, there's no other information. The accord structure was taken from the Morabito site in Paris.

The notes are : Sicilian Lemon, Italian Mandarin, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood Mysore.

I can begin by saying that healthy sprays achieve the desired result. I'm not saying that the fragrance is weak or anemic, just that it is more full bodied spraying heavier than you normally would. Even the website states to use excessively with no worries. I read that AFTER applying Beach the second time and heavily. An hour later, it's a skin scent, albeit a very nice one while retaining its integrity. This is an acceptable summer fragrance that finds a way to maintain the citrus theme while introducing a pleasant creamy-wood accord.

Beach is EDT strength with below average sillage. The skin scent lasts hours and because it smells excellent, I can't help but think it would conducive to close quarters with someone significant. Up close it is rich ,yet low volume and the use of cardamom with Guaiac and Sandal gives me the impression of smooth, slightly creamy wood. This is a very uncomplicated scent.......and it's very nice. The price point is too rich for my blood, but a substantial decant would be to my liking.

Most Morabito releases I have found to be either good or very good. There are exceptions of course, but Beach deserves a thumbs up for simply smelling extremely pleasant.

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