Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perry Ellis Cologne for Men

I remember having owned Perry Ellis for Men in the mid 1980's and couldn't appreciate it for what it was. In my defense however, I knew basically nothing about things fragrant at that time and my "wardrobe" consisted of Pino Sylvestre  and a few drugstore masculines. Funny how what was once considered "mundane" is now "rich and complex". That serves to show how generically bland current offerings really are. Well......not ALL.....but most......

Perry Ellis Cologne for Men was released in 1985 and the feminine version in 1986. Cologne for Men is a chypre that can be deemed a leather or ambery. The subsequent releases in Eau de Toilette and the "Anniversary Edition" came later, yet the years they were actually released seem to be a bit murky. The fragrance itself was changed somewhat in the latter releases, but not enough for folks to be scouring for the original rendition. Suffice it to say that, regardless of the version you purchase, it will be a very acceptable masculine.

Perry Ellis opens with a shot of aldehyde and a noticeable Galbanum accord. The green citric looms fairly large and will deceive you into thinking that this old horse is going to clear the room. Patience my son.......patience.......It's no more than a party guest bellowing an entrance greeting before taking a comfortable seat on the far end of the room. It only takes a few minutes before you realize that this fellow is rather mellow in spite of being on the dense side.

The "texture" is like the Halston line. Good notes, rich implementation and affordable. Imagine that ! Perry Ellis is smoother than Halston but made in a similar fashion. Galbanum, Fern and Moss help PE stay on the green mile for the life of the scent, but it accomplishes this at a very moderate volume. Basil and thyme add some zing along with carnation. On me, the rose and jasmin duo are very muted and seem hard pressed to augment some sweetness into the dry aura that is persistent. However, this "dry" element is rather good, so who am I to complain?......

The base notes of vanilla, tonka and amber could easily sway Perry Ellis into oriental territory, but that doesn't transpire. Extended drydown gives me just a hint of these notes and what is prevalent during the wearing is more amber than leather that play second fiddle to the moss note. I must add that 3 minutes after application, Perry Ellis Cologne for Men is a smooth and polite masculine that will have people thinking, " I don't know what he's wearing, but it sure smells good".

Yes can smell excellent and not pillage your credit card balance. Big thumbs up from Aromi for the oldie but very goodie Perry Ellis.


  1. The information that you have shared over here about perry ellis cologne for men is really nice and you have portrayed its beauty very nicely as well.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you like Perry Ellis as well.

  3. You should try the New reformulated Perry Ellis for Men. It is superb.

  4. I like the original PE cologne scent from 1985. When I went to buy another bottle it had been reformulated to the EDT formula which I can't stand.
    I now use Burberry Brit, but wish I could find something closer to the original PE. Any options?