Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, February 4, 2011

Moods, emotions, times. L'Heure Bleue vintage...

I haven't posted here in some time, but wanted to update with a little tidbit of what might be coming. Having acquired a vintage L'Heure Bleue EDT, I realized upon first sniff that there was much more to this perfume thing than just notes, sillage, and longevity.

(actually I knew this long ago, but feel a bit dramatic at the moment.)

The idea of a perfume capturing a moment, or an hour in time as a universal constant holds great appeal to me. Living in the moment, yes, that's a very good thing to do. However, there is pleasure of a different order in the capture of a period of time, a mood, an emotion... and L'Heure Bleue seems to me to do this very well.

So well, in fact, that I cannot yet put words to what L'Heure Bleue smells like. Notes, yes, I can describe. Sillage, yes, and longevity, that too. But L'Heure Bleue confounds and confuses the senses in a way that, perhaps a Zen Koan does.

That is the essence of what I want to say about L'Heure Bleue.

I may say more later, if I acquire a different concentration of L'Heure Bleue...but what I have said here may suffice.


  1. I used to wear L'Heure Bleue all the time when I was much younger, and I got a sample recently (not vintage). Smelling it now, I can't believe I wore the scent with such abandon, it's just not who I am now. It's so beautiful, though. Heartwrenchingly so.

  2. It is the perfume I most admire- well this and Apres L'Ondee. I have not had the honour or pleasure of trying it in a vintage formula but I can only imagine