Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, May 29, 2011

CK One by Calvin Klein

I have come to the conclusion tht there is quite a bit of fragrance snobbery when it comes to this house. Klein is dismissed by many for releasing, what seems to be, unsubstantial creations. While that may be true in part, it must be understood that any house releasing as many scents as this one has, will most assuredly disappoint a certain percentage.

At any rate, I've tried more than a few CK's I didn't like, but CK One is pleasant enough for me to own a bottle and probably keep one in the rotation. One is unremarkable yet very pleasant and easy to wear by either gender regardless of climate.

What caused me to buy this for myself was my daughter. daughter wears this consistently and has no problem going through large bottles before replacing it. I liked the way it smelled on her and knew it would work for either sex. It's actually a safe choice for summer wear, casual nights out or at home. I also find it works rather well at the gym. Liquid androgeny is not that easy to find........especially one that rarely offends regardless of social situation.

Top : Bergamot, Green Note, Lemon, Mandarin

Heart : Freesia, Jasmin, Muguet, Orris, Rose

Base : Amber, Cedar, Musk, Oakmoss, Sandalwood

As you can tell, One is a citrus fest in the opening and retains a citrus feel for the life of the scent. Within a few minutes, the floral heart appears and melds with the top accord. It never sways too far feminine despite the hitters and makes for a pleasant transition. I especially like the Freesia implementation here. It gives a clean zest to an already fresh scent and makes this accord what it is.

The musk is the most noticeable note in the base ( at least on me) and as the scent goes into extended drydown, subtle woody notes tinged with moss are realized. My body heat seems to give life to the base and it's as pleasant as the beginning and middle of the fragrance. CK One is a winner and no wonder it's still readily available after gracing perfume shelves for 17 years.

Thumbs up for CK One from Aromi.

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