Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crabtree and Evelyn Extract of Mysore Sandalwood

My friend Mike Perez recently sent me a sample of this 1970 goodie as I have been curious about this one for years. Sandalwoods are hit and miss with me. I adore the note done in tandem with the right combination of others, but rarely have I come across a minimal sandalwood like this one.......and enjoyed it.

That is......until now. Can you say understated? Well......that's exactly what this fragrance happens to be. Years ago, I found Arden's sandalwood to be minimalist as well, but it just didn't have that something I'm looking for in a sandal rendition. Crabtree & Evelyn's first version has it. It's the comfort factor for sure.

Now, there's no question I wish this was a bit louder in volume ( and only in volume) ...but....if it was, it's quite possible it would alter the overall smell of this gem. So, with that notion aside, I have to say that mild is good in this case. The way my skin executes this scent makes it a perfect candidate for close quarters or a flat out relaxing few hours by my lonesome.

I have no idea what the accords consist of and don't know if other notes have burned away with age ( it is from 1970 after all), but I can tell you what I experience from Extract of Mysore. From the moment of application, I get a big, round and transparent citric wood accord. Within 15 minutes, that same accord is still rolling along with less "noise" and accompanying the top is what I construe as sandalwood, a sliver of rosewood and what I perceive as pepper.

This is the totality of my simplistic as this is, it's extremely liberating to relax in such an uncomplicated and predictable aroma. Comfort scents have a way of doing this to me and Extract of Mysore is in this ballpark. Big thumbs up for this 41 year old creation from the folks at Crabtree.


  1. Finding anything with natural Mysore sandalwood in it is reason enough to hang on to it these days. I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and scream, "What will we do when the sandalwood runs out?!?!"

  2. This product it is not in production anymore, and it's a pity. There's a new version which is very different. It has been for years the best sandalwood frangrance on the market. Actually it was my fragrance. Can you suggest something similar I could try? Best. Salvatore Merlo (