Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, May 30, 2011

Enrico Sebastiano

Deja vu upon first spray. It actually had me scratching my head while I sniffed it. I liked it, but I couldn't get a handle on where I smelled this before.

So........the analyzing began as I sniffed and continued the head scratching. Hmmm......Citrus, suede, pepper and nutmeg, a blossoming cedar note, some leather and a hint of amber. Is that honey I smell in there? I think so. It's still very familiar.....Damn.......I have to look in the drobe to jostle the brain cells.......

Viola !!!! There, staring me in the face is my hardly used bottle of reformulated Bijan for Men. I hate it now because of how  Five Star Fragrances has castrated an old powerhouse and cut it's balls off leaving a shrill shell of screechy nutmeg and patchouli.

Wait a can I be enjoying the wearing of Sebastiano and recall my dislike for Bijan? Ahhh yes......I'm remembering the old formula of Bijan by Bijan that knew how to kick up some serious aroma. Enrico is similar with its implementation of the common notes, yet Sebastiano steers clear of the holiday-nutmeg fest and keeps their rendition more mainstream and a bit darker. Bijan is too bright in the current rendition and also thin, whereas Enrico Sebastiano ( after 5 minutes) resembles the better rendition of Bijan with the exception of a superior wood accord added.

Once the heart and base ease into gear, patchouli with spices are evident. Leather is in there as well, but I no longer detect either suede or cardamon like I did in the opening. The drydown surrenders a woody base in tandem with the aforementioned players. The volume lowers and you have a spicy-woody-patch with excellent longevity. I can even still smell residual citrus intermingled in this brew long after it should have dissipated.

Enrico Sebastiano Fine Cologne for Men is serious bang for the buck. If you enjoy busy, high octane masculines, you may want to try this. Thumbs up from Aromi for ES and a thank you to my friend Dimitrios ( The Thunder from down under) for providing me the sample!!!

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  1. I agree that this juice rocks. I think it smells a lot like Quorum, only a tad more powdery and sweet.