Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nude by Bill Blass enjoy a blast of aldehydes in your perfume openings do you ? Nude by Bill Blass surely delivers in that regard. It lasts quite long as well before settling down into a floral-woody.

Information has it that Nude was released in 1992. Personally, I have never heard of it until a generous basenoter ( Thanks AnthonyDG ) sent me a few extras in a recent transaction. That's also not surprising since I'm not too familiar with feminines of any decade, let alone the 1990's.

Nude packs a good punch for 15 minutes or so before the volume relaxes and the fruity-citric-orris triumvirate exhales. The opening was a raucous volley of those 3 on me. It was quite good actually, just more aggressive than I had anticipated. Nude is a fragrance that starts vigorously and ends whispering. The transitions are very noticeable.

The opening is a sharp blast of citrus, fruit and what I think is galbanum. The orris is right there in the mix ( on me ) from the get go and the accord has a violet-like undercurrent. Ylang, Jasmin and Rose appear within 10 minutes and take the baton. Nude has 3 distinct progressions which is something I haven't come across in sampling for quite some time.

There are the usual heavy hitters in the base accord, but they are very quiet compared to the top and heart. Nude is a chypre with subtle contributions from amber, moss and musk. The wood components are the ones to inherit the drydown. Cedar and Sandal only make themselves known long into the scent and by then, it's a skin fragrance. Sandal is more readily recognizable than the cedar, but they are present and accounted for. They rear their heads only after the floral array of jasmin-rose allow them to.

Regardless of other opinions I have read about Nude, I like it and deem it a very good fragrance. Yes, it's 90's........but so what? God forbid someone wear something so spite of it being worthy.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Nude by Bill Blass.


  1. I love this fragrance. My wife wears it a lot, and I find it very sexy. I was surprised to hear that it's a Nineties scent, because to me it smells very retro 70's. I've heard it's been dc'ed, so my wife bought four bottles.

  2. Bro......your wife must smell terrific !

    I also didn't know what decade it sprang from until I looked it up. I really enjoyed the differences of the top, heart and base. It was like a journey.

  3. I love this one! I got my bottle for under $30. The top notes read as nail polish remover to me on top of aldehydes. I think that is a lily of the valley thing. But its an odd beauty and I love it. "starts vigorously and ends whispering" is just perfect!