Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fendi for Women

A few years ago ( and immediately following Fendi's announcement to discontinue their line) I happened upon a sealed 50ml. Fendi for $9.99 in K-Mart. What I didn't realize was just how good this scent is. It was released in 85, but I cannot recollect ever smelling this on anyone.

Of course, I purchased it and gave it to Mrs. Aromi. She wore it that night and I knew this was a terrific blind buy. It's indicative of the 1980's but in a very fashionable and classy way. I've since read some disheartening reviews that claim it smells like insecticide and generic bug spray. This aura is also found in Krizia Moods and to an extent, in Giorgio Beverly Hills. It's not a bug spray accord but instead a combination of aldehyde, citrus, cedar oil, rosewood, carnation and geranium. Insecticide never smelled so good. The way these notes are used in the aforementioned scents gives them an almost "fuzzy" texture.

Fendi really smells exceptional when misted. It seems to reek of a self assured individual with some refinement. There's nothing casual about wearing Fendi. There's no law against doing so, but it's much better suited for making a social impression.

Fendi is a chypre that opens with a nice aldehyde, citrus and wood accord underpinned with patchouli and cedar. There's a hint of fruit in there as well and closely followed by an entire posse of florals. The heart is a densely blended array of carnation, geranium, rose, jasmin, muguet and some tuberose. The tuberose ( on me ) is the only one to rear its head slightly higher than the others.

In 20 minutes or so, a nice moss accord starts seeping upwards. It blends nicely with the still beating heart accord. The cedar note also becomes more pronounced, but very slowly I might add. The extended drydown reveals an addition of van-amber with some sandalwood to augment the others. Long into the life of the wearing, I can still smell most of the notes mentioned here. This is a very commendable feminine fragrance.

Of those interested in Fendi, you would do well to get a sample of this one. Bottles are going to become very difficult to obtain in the near future. Thumbs up from Aromi for Fendi.

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  1. Sounds like a real winner! I've smelled the latest Fendi (Fan de Fendi) and while it's not a bad fragrance, and deserves a closer look, you know something is wrong when the best parts seems to be the cool bottle and the three models in the ad.