Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Je suis un Homme by Etat Libre d'Orange image of a handgun with the head of a penis on the very end of the barrel? Is it loaded? Maybe it shoots blanks? This is a strange house with what I presume uses successful gimmicks.

The last thing I wanted before sampling this ( Thanks AnthonyDG !!!) was a Secretions crony. That stuff made me almost throw up in my mouth and the phallic image has me wondering what the hell this is going to smell like. The ad direction has this pegged as a real macho fragrance that also can be worn by assertive women.

Well, fear not. This is actually a conventional citrus that wears lightly. I don't know how this is marketed as a testosterone heavyweight. The opening is a bright citric accord that I find enjoyable. Looking at the listed notes, it seems this should be an interesting fragrance overall. After 15 minutes, the scent is already waning in power and projection, but it still smells pleasant. A very mild clove weaves its way into the accord along with subtle leather. When I say subtle, I mean it. There are other notes implemented, but they are lost on me and what I get in totality is a citric volley with a bit of clove and leather. It doesn't have longevity and after one hour, it's very close to the skin.

Je suis un Homme smells okay. It's simply not any better than that and the shelf life is seriously lacking. This fragrance is truly a case of a release being grossly misnamed for the sake of shock value and potential sales. Would I buy it? No. It's not good enough for me; especially at $1.50 per ml. Now, if someone gave me a bottle for free, then yes I would wear it until it was gone.

Neutral rating for Je suis un Homme from Aromi. I believe that the penis on the end of the barrel has an invisible silencer on it.

******Added note ***** A besenotes member recently informed me that there may be 2 formulations of Je suis un Homme; a strong version and a much weaker one. I am not 100% certain this is true or know of a way to determine bottle and box differences, but it would explain why some claim that what they have is much stronger and substantial than what I described in this review. **********


  1. Oh Where is the penis haeded gun , Aromi ? I wanna see ! *cheeky grin*
    I love the name of this scent - it's just male and *grrrr*
    I thought the Secretions Magnifique picture ( penis fountain , I think ) was very graphic. :D

  2. Second blogger to talk about this fragrance in a week! I need to try it - so glad it's not at all like SM as I too almost puked and am afraid to sniff ANY ELdOs because of that experience (even though I had initially loved Putain)