Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mukhalat Malaki C.P.O. by Swiss Arabian

Turkish Rose.
Spanish Saffron, Indian Amber, Cambodian Agarwood.
Sandalwood, Musk.

My skin type has always been the great equalizer; soaking up scent like a malnourished sponge. It does however react in a more positive manner when applying oils. Mukhalat Malaki is not absorbed quickly, even when blended with lotions and manages to stay on top of the skin. It's "throw" is rather impressive initially, but its longevity is even more remarkable.

Dark, heavy wood is an apt description of Mukhalat Malaki. A petroleum vibe is present and hovers in the background, but in no way do I find it distracting, annoying or too prominent. If anything, I find it interesting and adds to the mysterious quality that is inherent in this CPO.

The oil is rather thick and must be distributed over as large an area as possible. Truly, a little goes a long way here and this is why I favor adding a few milliliters to full bottles of unscented lotions. I get good mileage this way and easy application, but I periodically wear a few drops of the oil by itself. It's pungent and takes some vigorous rubbing to spread it out on as much skin as possible.

There aren't very noticeable transitions to this scent. The only obvious movement I experience is a tempering of the volume and presence within about 15 minutes. It does become a close fragrance eventually, but it never loses its substance.

When first applied, the rose, saffron and wood play off each other for awhile before merging together and forming an entity. The spice aspect is subtle and together they evolve into a dense, earthy wood with that petrol aura wafting in the wings.

This C.P.O. has some gravity and smells very good while it struts its stuff. There's a moist quality to the musky amber that finds its way into the base and drydown of Mukhalat Malaki. The woodiness remains completely prominent and is accented nicely with earth tones. While strong, this is Westernized to my sensibilities and this is why I own it.

Sillage is extremely acceptable and longevity is sufficient enough for me to detect this easily 12 hours later. Thumbs up from Aromi for Swiss Arabian's Mukhalat Malaki Concentrated Perfume Oil.

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