Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Navegar by L'Artisan

Olivia Giacobetti is the nose behind this particular L'Artisan. I'm not sure what house gives me the blues more than L'Artisan or Lutens.

Going into this wearing, I didn't expect a whole helluva lot. L'Artisan's don't seem to wear that well on my skin type. They are a bit delicate as a whole. I understand the concept and I also know that their fragrances work fabulously on others. My wife is one of them. Her skin is not very porous and maintains a slight sheen of natural skin oil at all times. Fragrances lay on her skin and radiate, never being fully absorbed. Mine however is like a sponge and scents that accentuate nuance are rarely realized on me.

So, without expectations, I sample wore Navegar a few times. The volume is low as expected and the totality of the wearing was understated, but still positive. At first, I didn't try to analyze Navegar. I simply wanted to smell it and see if it was enjoyable and had any substance. It was and had more staying power than some others from this house.

Navegar is not a bold scent. It's more of a casual scent with a degree of elegance. It's also off the beaten path in the sense that it has a subtle aquatic vibe without being one. It opens politely with a peppery lime accord to soon be followed by a well played note of anise. If Olivia were a football receiver, it would be no doubt said that she possessed "soft hands".

There spicy aspect of Navegar comes compliments of pepper and the listed ginger. I don't doubt that ginger is in here, but between that and the rum note, I truly don't recognize either one. The cedar, guaiac and incense however do rear their heads 15 minutes into the wearing. By this time, I have an semi-aquatic woody that has any edges sanded down from the implementation of incense. It doesn't make Navegar meditative. It does make it comfortable and the incense note works rather well with the star anise.

Navegar lasted longer on my skin than I had expected and the pepper note persisted ( at perfect volume ) for the duration. Sillage was normal for L'Artisan creations and compensated for by approximately 5 hours of longevity. From the base accord until extended drydown, Navegar is a peppery woody with a dash of anise and incense. It's not an extraordinary fragrance, but it is very good and better than other spicy cedar frags I have sampled.

More than likely, Olivia can be handed some stale, room temperature Coca Cola, out of date Cilantro, Montreal Steak seasoning and a bag of yeast and still come up with something that would be wearable as a fragrance. Thumbs up from Aromi for L'Artisan's Navegar.

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