Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parfums De Nicolai New York

This particular masculine has been around for a little over 20 years. Naturally, there's wheelbarrows full of reviews on it. I figure to throw my opinion into the ring as well.

It's about time I finally added a review for this classic. Make no mistake, it is a classic. New York is along the lines of Pour Monsieur, Egoiste and Heritage. It has its own identity and aroma, but the construction is similar to those I've just mentioned.

The name "New York" can only be appropriate if describing the sophisticated simplicity that's inherent in this fragrance. From beginning to end, there's no surprises except the fact that you smell like a refined gentleman.

The citric opening of De Nicolai's New York is a Bergamot-Lemon with just enough clove woven into the fabric. The citrus accord hangs around for a very respectable amount of time and possesses a denseness not normally found in openings with these notes.

There's other spices in New York other than clove, but ( to me ) are blended as a medley without ripples. The clove just so happens to peek out a bit more than the rest. Clove isn't the easiest implementation to pull off in any scent, but De Nicolai nails it. The spicy aspect of the heart is extremely complimentary and the use of cinnamon, thyme and pepper to augment the clove is well done. The top and mid accords unfold in a seamless fashion before surrendering to the drydown.

The amber is the first to arrive on my skin as New York transitions to the base. It's not a sweet rendition by any means and imparts a slight, resinous quality. The oakmoss is also apparent and is a light version of the note. I believe that, because of the way the oakmoss is used here, it keeps New York timeless. A heavier use of the note would ( more than likely ) have burdened this with a pronounced retro feel and smell. The vetiver is also implemented in a similar fashion. It's there to augment and nothing else. The attenuation of all the notes is commendable and the result is this 20 something masculine still garnishing praise today.

Sillage is very acceptable and so is the longevity. It really would behoove fans of this genre to try this. Enthusiastic thumbs up from Aromi for Parfums De Nicolai's New York.

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