Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, March 9, 2012

Aedes de Venustas EDP

Orange, Pink Pepper.
Incense, Black Pepper, Iris, Rose, Musk, Strawflower.
Opoponax, Leather, Benzoin, Coffee, Wood.

Bertrand Duchaufour created this fragrance in 2008. I have been meaning to get around to this one for a few years now and recently snagged a sample. I enjoy most incense dominant scents and Duchaufour doesn't miss the mark all that often.

Aedes de Venustas opens with an extremely smooth incense and pepper. The citrus is more akin to a delivery system for the spicy smoke than it is an entity. The incense rendition is proportioned delightfully with the pepper and it doesn't remind me of religious or secular. It's simply "there" and smelling very pleasant. The pepper is implemented nicely as well and is a rather demure version that gives the perfect accent.

Once the opening accord settles down, I expected some noticeable transitions, but what transpired repeatedly was a more relaxed rendition of the spicy incense accord with whiffs of leather. The floral heart notes seems to be lost on me no matter how many times I wear this. To be fair however, Aedes de Venustas may lack some dimension, but it still smells very pleasant. I can't help but use Amouage as a measuring stick when it comes to incense implementations. Aedes walks the same path, but with a much lighter load. That can be a good thing or not, depending upon how you look at it.

The price point at $1.80 per mil. is a bit rough for a fragrance as serene as Aedes, yet there's something I find comforting in its composition. Once it goes into drydown, a woodiness finally transpires on my skin to augment the incense and very subtle leather.

I can only say that, in spite of the listed notes, it would behoove you NOT to expect all the guests to arrive. The ones that do show up are worth having in my opinion. The totality of Aedes de Venustas is a spicy incense that slowly evolves a leathery wood in the base. It's rather uncomplicated and straightforward.

Sillage is moderate and longevity is an acceptable 5 hours on my skin. Because of the lack of complexity and price, a sample wear is definitely recommended. Thumbs up from Aromi for Aedes de Venustas, but with an asterisk.

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