Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Puro Intense EDP by Nejma ( Morabito )

Rum, Lime, Bitter Orange, Cinnamon, Coffee,Cocoa  beans, Tobacco leaves, Mahogany, Caramel.

I'm a fan of Pascal Morabito. His offerings are something I genuinely enjoy or  (at the least ) find interesting and quirky. Puro Intense leaves me somewhere in the middle.

I cannot claim to experience a boozy quality that's noticeable in the opening, but I will say that wearing Puro Intense is akin to shifting 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears in a standard transmission. In a matter of minutes, I undergo three noticeable transitions and the shifts are rather effortless. All that is for naught however if what is changing isn't to your liking. Lucky for me I happen to be partial to what I smell.

At the core of Puro Intense beats a heart of tobacco. The are other things at work here, but the gist is extinguished cigar and ash. Puro Intense opens with a suggestion of alcohol that's gone as fast as a deer spooked by the snapping of a nearby twig. What remains a minute later is a bitter but strangely likable citric accord.

No sooner than you can begin to appreciate the lime and orange duo, an ashy cigar aroma emerges and quickly picks up volume and presence. The citric accord is still there, but is relegated to second fiddle. These two stages transpire rather quickly on my skin and the third is not afar off.

The base accord consists of the tobacco note becoming softer with less cigar and ash. It now is a more conventional rendition and definitely more enjoyable. Its introduction was attention getting ( at least to me ) and I'm happy it has transformed. Present as well is a mellow, rich spice coming compliments of the cinna-mocha. The cinnamon, coffee and cocoa notes  are muddled and act as one entity on me. It smells full and the accord is very good. It's perhaps the best quality of Puro Intense.

The drydown gives me the illusion of a very soft, woody amber that's just a hint sweet. It supports the still-going tobacco and cinna-mocha accords. Puro Intense possesses moderate sillage but affords better longevity. Even after it becomes a close scent  at the 3 hour mark, it still smells substantial. I find it leans masculine, but daring women may just like this.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Puro Intense by Nejma.

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