Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Piment Brulant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Poppy Seed, Bergamot, White Musk.
Pink Pepper, Cinnamon.
Amber, Cocoa, Vanilla.

This particular scent quite possibly has the largest amount of differing perceptions than any fragrance I've recently sampled. That, in itself, is very interesting and I'm more than happy to throw my 2 cents into the ring.

During the opening of Piment Brulant, I experience a quiet, watery aspect underneath a gourmand like spice. The spice is very even keeled, but does possess a food quality that's difficult for me to pinpoint. I work with food for a living, so it has a familiar ring to it, but nothing definitive. Within minutes, a soft pepper note integrates, but it's on the tame side and it's as if I'm waiting for something else to evolve during this top accord. As it happens, it doesn't go any farther, but it's still a rather pleasant opening.

Now, as cliched as it may sound, a note resembling the skin of a bell pepper does emerge in the heart accord. I can't say I detect it as strongly as some other reviewers, but it reminds me of their aroma after they're rinsed off and before they're sliced. It's the outer layer I smell.

I happen to like everything about peppers and that includes odor. In Piment Brulant, it isn't outspoken. It is however noticeable and like all facets of this fragrance, it's tuned very politely. This is more a personal space scent and that may be a good idea since this is an unconventional perfume.

Somewhere in between the heart and base, a very soft mocha note starts appearing. It seems to come and go of its own accord and while it's as mild as the other notes, it's an asset. It's like a passive version of Avon's Tomorrow for Men rendition. I happen to like the way the cocoa note is used in Tomorrow and would have enjoyed it being just as bold.

The base and beyond is where Piment Brulant loses focus on my skin. Maybe that's the incorrect way to describe what has transpired. Perhaps it's simply attenuated too low and what could have been a good drydown never comes to fruition. Either way, I'm left wanting from a lack of note interaction and volume as well.

As a chef for years myself, I'm acquainted with streamlining. This approach in creating a perfume however is a risky one. That's how wearing Piment Brulant makes me feel. I know the house likes to  keep numerous releases on the understated side. It's a signature that underwhelms me here.

Piment Brulant is, to me, a non gourmand food scent. It's spicy and vegetal with intermittent whiffs of chocolate in the mix. There's nothing rich, decadent or sweet manifesting itself here. Piment Brulant is  reminiscent of an appetizer's role of sustaining you until the real food arrives. Well, I've eaten it and I'm still waiting for the main course.

Sillage is moderate and longevity is about 3 hours max on my skin. Overall, it smells pleasant enough, but does not deserve more than a neutral rating. A sample wear is most definitely recommended.

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