Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rose Poivree by The Different Company

Black Pepper, Pink Berries, Coriander.
Damascus Rose, Rosa Centifolia.
Vetiver, Civet.

The Different Company has succeeded in releasing a different rendition of Rose with Rose Poivree. Pairing berry with rose is actually a nice touch and it seems to modernize a note that is easily associated with previous generations. Rose Poivree is contemporary, polite and leans slightly  more feminine than shared on my skin.

This is a drier rose rendition with a fruity accent and of course, pepper. It feels like it's well suited to wear in the warmer months and that versatility is something I find commendable in a rose fragrance. That can usually be a bit challenging, but Rose Poivree doesn't wear heavy.

The berry and pepper ingredients are blended extremely well here and these, along with rose, can be easily identified and enjoyed. The overall volume is not loud by any stretch, but Rose Poivree doesn't need to be aggressive. It retains a sheer quality and still smells full and balanced.

By the heart accord, the berry ( at least on me ) seems to step it up a notch. A berry-rose with spice is now evident and there's hints of earthy tones underneath. The rose remains dry and slightly dusty and there's just enough pepper to make this uncomplicated accord more interesting.

The only moments where Rose Poivree could be considered aromatic is the first few minutes. The coriander and pepper do suggest it, but it's rather fleeting and on the passive side anyway. The heart unfolds quickly with the rose note dominant, then sharing the spotlight with berry by the time the base and drydown arrive.

Even into the base and beyond, the soft pepper note remains as does the rose-berry duo. The vetiver, which unfolds very slowly on me, isn't exactly a conventional implementation found in numerous masculines. In Rose Poivree, it augments with a subtle, green earthiness and seems to stop there. What is lost on me in every wearing is the civet. Perhaps I'm accustomed to more heavy handed renditions in my classic fragrances that a deft usage of it leaves me bewildered? That could very well be, but it still stands that I do not experience it......and it's okay. Rose Poivree isn't lacking because of it.

Sillage is moderate and longevity is approximately 5 hours on me. I still find Rose Poivree leaning just a little feminine, but this can be worn by whoever would want to. Thumbs up from Aromi for a very pleasant, dry and spicy rose accented with berry. The Different Company has come up with a demure winner in this one.

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