Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Redemption by Kilian

Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Benzoin, Opoponax, Myrrh, Incense.

My first thought after wearing Sweet Redemption is that it leans slightly feminine, but definitely not enough to dissuade me. That's simply the result of Blossom and the oriental theme being the bedrock of this fragrance. After just a few minutes, I am convinced that either gender can successfully pull this off.

Mrs. Aromi gave me her usual truncated and comical review of what it smelled like on my skin. Her response was immediate and through pursed lips and furrowed brow, she exclaimed that it smelled like extremely pungent cotton candy that was at least a week old. I cannot say I share her sentiment, but I always get a kick out of her opinions.

Sweet Redemption is a very substantial scent. There's contrasts here as the blossom seems to grate ever so slightly against the myrrh. The spicy quality that lives in Sweet Redemption is supple due to the balsam that is prominent. The smokiness here is of a different sort and ( to me ) is more hazy than anything. This implementation isn't like the more obvious renditions. It never permeates and is tuned more for accent.

After numerous wearings, I'm impressed with the blossom. It doesn't go over the top, but is ever-present through all stages of Sweet Redemption. It stop short of rendering this too sweet and the myrrh seems to keep it in balance. More linear than I expected, the volume dictates the variations and not until the drydown do I notice any real shift in prominent notes. I have to state that the myrrh really comes to life on my skin and perhaps others will have a different result. The top and heart accords aren't exactly what I'd call my cup of tea, but as it stands, I find I like Sweet Redemption more with each wearing.

The sillage is deceiving. Apply too much of Sweet Redemption and you truly have the potential to clear a room. The aspect I respect most is the sweet, bitter and balsamic nature of this fragrance. It's a controlled struggle tuned to near perfection.

As always with me and by Kilian's, the prices are killers. I haven't yet found one I enjoy so much as to throw my cares to the wind and make a purchase. A few are extremely good, but unless I get a bargain somewhere, I'll choose to do without.

That carries over to Sweet Redemption as well. This is a substantial scent. The longevity is as impressive as the presence. Some will love this and others will have a reaction akin to Mrs. Aromi. I fall in between those categories and can say without hesitation that I am in like with this fragrance. Thumbs up from Aromi with the recommendation to sample first.

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