Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tokyo Milk No. 17 Arsenic

Absinthe, Vanilla Salt, Cut Greens, Crushed Fennel.

I get a kick out of artistic liberty. Not only for naming creations, but the ingredients as well. I'm looking at the accord listing, then smelling what's on my skin and wondering who, but the parfumeur actually knows what the hell I just spritzed on my person.

In this hobby, it all boils down to whether or not it smells acceptable. So far, this lineup from Tokyo Milk is better than I could have anticipated. I can add Arsenic to the list of winners, although it is a bit unconventional.

The name is foreboding, but in reality, No. 17 is nothing more than an eclectic combination of ingredients that are tuned to smell good, but a bit different. Like the others I have tried, Arsenic has gravitas without weighing the wearer down. Substance sans heaviness is an enjoyable aspect for me when I'm wearing a fragrance. I don't care for being bogged down if I can help it.

Arsenic starts out a bit cool on me, but begins to warm in a matter of minutes. There's a slightly spicy, herbal quality rumbling around in this brew that tilts just green enough to be recognized as such. There also is a "salty" aspect to the composition that I find extremely enjoyable. The totality reminds me of a warm breeze blown across a culinary table with vanilla and cocoa scattered at the end of it. Arsenic however doesn't ever go gourmand on me and I find that rather interesting. It's more herbal than anything and while it's maturing, a soft vanilla evolves along with hints of cocoa dust.

Marketed as a feminine fragrance, I have to say that after wearing this numerous times, Arsenic No. 17 leans more masculine than anything. It's not macho by any means, but I get the sense of a man donning this scent more than I would a woman. Naturally, anyone can wear this, but it should be tested on skin first.

There's an underlying commonality with the samples I have tested so far. They seem to have a platform in common before evolving in their own directions. It's almost as if they started with one, creative base and sought to see just how diverse they could expand on it.

It's all good in the end. Arsenic No. 17 has good sillage with longevity hovering around 5 hours on my skin. Thumbs up ( again ) from Aromi for Arsenic No. 17 by Tokyo Milk. A sample wear is definitely recommended.


  1. My absolute fav of the TokyoMilk dark line!! Great review.

  2. Hi my friend ! I'm very happy that this line ( so far ) has turned out to be so good !!!