Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, September 10, 2012

Un Bateu pour Capri by Eau d'Italie

Freesia, Peach, Peony.
Jasmine, Heliotrope, Rose.
Pear, Cedar, Musk.

Designed to give the impression of water, boats, sea air, relaxation and whatever else one does on revitalizing excursions, Un Bateau pour Capri is marketed as a feminine and rightly so. Does this fragrance suggest the above to yours truly? Umm.......not even close, but marketing has their own agenda when it comes to name assignment. What Un Bateau pour Capri is in reality denotes a bouquet caught on a breeze. I've spent enough summer months as a young man on the Jersey shore to know when a scent doesn't capture or even suggest that quality. As we all know, this is a subjective experience and there may be those won't agree with me.

This floral array evokes a moist and freshly cut bouquet. There's a soft, powdery texture inherent in the accord, but it's an accent more than an active participant.

I can't honestly say I realize "fruit" since this is supposed to be a fruity floral. Un Bateau pour Capri hints at it, but never more than that on my skin. For all intents and purposes, this is a rather expensive purchase for as ordinary as it wears. If I tested this blind and was asked how much it costs, I would throw out a number that didn't exceed .50 per ml.

While this really does smell like a mid-priced designer to me, it still smells very fresh and pleasant. The downside is the price point of $1.60 per ml. which I find simply too much. If money isn't a deterrent, then you want to give this a test ride.

Un Bateau pour Capri eventually evolves an unconventional musk in the extended drydown, but the woods don't come to fruition for me. Everything seems to be a "suggestion" here and not enough reality. Pleasant, generic and a bit overpriced is how I find this scent. Sillage is average at best with longevity at around 4 hours on my skin. Neutral rating from Aromi for Eau d'Italie's Un Bateau pour Capri.

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