Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Believe by Britney Spears

Tangerine, Guava, Honeysuckle, Linden Blossom, Patchouli, Amber, Praline.

Here is an unexpected review for me. I stumbled upon a full bottle locally for a little over 3 dollars and bought it because I thought Mrs. Aromi would dig the bottle. She did like the aesthetics, but what surprised me was that I liked what I smelled enough to review Believe by Britney Spears. It is feminine to the point of being a deterrent for me, but the drydown evolves just  enough to straddle the gender line.

Believe has 2 stages of development on my skin. The opening is a fresh and lucid floral with fruity accents. What I noticed most about the first 15 minutes was that Believe is mild, yet penetrating enough to communicate you are wearing a pleasant fragrance. The Linden Blossom seems to be at the core of Believe, amplifying the assistance notes while implementing a fresh and green-floral quality.

This initial accord lasts around 30 minutes or so on me before transitioning. The change sees Believe lowering the floral aspects and enhancing a rather nice, slightly gourmand patchouli and amber duo. The base and drydown dictate a low volume like its predecessor, since it stands to reason. The totality of Believe leans polite and unoffensive.

Sillage is moderate at best, with longevity approximately 4 hours on my skin. Believe by Britney Spears is a pleasant, economical and unassuming perfume that exhibits a fresh vibe throughout. Thumbs up from Aromi with the recommendation to sample before purchasing.


  1. Teehee ... Aromi, you've been kidnapped by the 'dark side' :) ...

  2. But it's the definitely the best of a bad bunch! Keep an open mind, Couture Guru!

    And the bottle is so wonderful: an octahedron. You were right to think that chics dig it, Aromi! ;-)

  3. I wrongly assumed before applying it that it would be borderline horrible and completely underwhelming. I was wrong and although it may fall on the innocuous side, it's much better than I ever expected. The drydown I especially liked.